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With a wide variety of marine life and its warm climate, Asia Divers provides a year-round paradise.

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The El Galleon Resort gives guests luxury, relaxation, and convenient access to recreational activities.

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Our PADI diving school is one of two diving programs in the Philippines qualified to teach at all levels of scuba diving from novice to PADI Instructor.

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Asia Divers and El Galleon PADI Diving Resorts in Puerto Galera.

Asia Divers and El Galleon Resorts are located in Puerto Galera on the North East tip of Mindoro. Puerto Galera was originally a fishing community. Then in the 1980s, the Philippines Government discovered just how many species of fish and corals there are here and declared the entire area a Marine Reserve. Once a thriving fishing village, Puerto Galera soon became the premier scuba diving destination in the Philippines.

The Philippine Department of Tourism became involved and convinced the villagers to diversify and to become involved in tourism. Puerto Galera had two big things going in its favour is its beauty and the marine sanctuary.

It was around this time that the El Galleon resort came into existence along with Asia Divers who have been catering for top class vacations ever since. The El Galleon resort is a premier diving resort just a couple of hours South of Manila,where you can enjoy comfortable  accommodation starting as low as $59 a night

The diving here is some of the best in the Philippines and Asia.

PADI Diving in the Philippines

El Galleon Beach Resort is home to Asia Divers, which is a Career Development Center and can teach scuba diving all the way from Bubblemakers for the kids to instructor level courses. Whether you would like to learn to dive or to improve and fine-tune your existing skills, this is the resort for you.

A survey by the Philippine Government found that anyone diving in Puerto Galera is almost certain to come and dive here again.

Scuba diving in Puerto Galera is the best in the Philippines.

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What the scientists have to say about Puerto Galera’s biodiversity!

The Philippines is home to the most biologically diverse waters on Earth and the Verde Island Passage – the narrow body of water separating Luzon and Mindoro islands – is a biodiversity hotspot!

Just recently The California Academy of Sciences conducted an expedition in our area “The 2015 Verde Island Passage Marine Biodiversity Expedition: Puerto Galera. The expedition, the CAS said in a statement, affirms that the Philippines is the "center of the center" of marine biodiversity. "The Philippines is jam-packed with diverse and threatened species – it's one of the most astounding regions of biodiversity on Earth," says Terry Gosliner, PhD, senior curator of Invertebrate Zoology at the CAS and a Principal Investigator of the expedition.

 You can read more about this on the links below:

El Galleon Webcam
Read the latest happenings, events or promos at Asia Divers and El Galleon Dive Resort. Monday Newsletter at Puerto Galera
MondayNews at Puerto Galera

A big welcome back to the British International School, Ho Chi Minh City. The whole resort is nicely busy now with a group of 16 kids and 3 teachers. It’s going to be a great week!
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Oh the weather outside is…Delightful!!

A massive winter storm clobbered the eastern United States on Saturday and in some places appeared poised to dump more snow than expected -- including up to 4 feet in some parts of the U.S. Meanwhile take a look at our current webcam shot at . Here in Small Lalaguna it’s 30 degrees and sunny! So what are you waiting for?!

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Outreach in San Ignacio, Baco

El Galleon and Asia Divers where out there again this week. This time we where in Baco where we had 320 families turn up.
With the  money we raised for Mohawkvember and a few other donations from some generous friends of Asia Divers we managed to get an array of food items to be handed out. The organisation was fantastic with the staff at El Galleon working hard to bag the food for each family and the organizers in Baco making sure that no one was left out.
Without these dedicated people no of this would be possible, they are the one that make your donations count. We thank everyone for all of their support.        
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Moscow Dive Show 2016 

If you happen to be in the area please drop by to visit Allan and Alli at the Moscow Dive Show. The Moscow Dive Show 2016 is the #1 event in the dive scene of Russia, the ex-USSR and Eastern Europe, to the discontinued Golden Dolphin 2003-2014.

When: Wed Feb 3 to Sat Feb 6, 2016
Where: Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention center

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Who’s been doing what

Ashley Armio is a true mermaid now after completing her PADI Scuba Diver with Alli. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Chris Carmichael who added on a Nitrox certification to his AOW and for reaching above his goal of doing 25 dives on this trip. 
Tara Cox is well on her way to becoming a certified diver. Tara did a “Discover Scuba” here a couple weeks ago and loved the whole experience so much that she decided to “get the card”. Here she is with Larry and Chris

Larry Reaney has been busy this weekend with some great dives with Pete, earning his PADI Advanced Certification. Not only that…his very thoughtful friendsBlake and Stephanie gave him a dive for his birthday!

Hong Zhichao and Zhang Nongning are thrilled to go home to China with their OW certification.
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Tubbataha in June

Four extra spaces have become available for Tubbataha Reef. This time we’ll be doing the transition trip which will go from Puerto Princesa to Batangas. Dates are June 10-17, 2016. Contact Tommy at for more details. 

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iDAP College News

Congratulations in becoming an Emergency Oxygen Specialty Instructor, Calvin!  Tomorrow starts his IE. Best of wishes! Please, have a look at our Facebook page “IDAP College” for photos and updates on a more regular basis! 

Already a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and wish to become a Specialty Instructor? In that case, we have 27 Specialty Instructor ratings for you to choose from. From the 25:th to the 30:th of January we will run different Specialty Instructor ratings. Do you wish to join? Please, send an email to for more information.

Up coming IDC’s in 2016:

March IDC: 8 to 25 of March with the IE the following 2 days and the MSDT Prep. Course from the 28 of March to the 1 of February

May IDC: 9 to 26 of May with the IE the following 2 days and the MSDT Prep. Course from the 29 of May to the 1 of June

June/ July IDC: 28 of June to the 15 of July with the IE the following 2 days and the MSDT Prep. Course from the 18 to the 22 of July

September IDC: 13 to the 30 of September with the IE the following 2 days and the MSDT Prep. Course starts the 3 of October and ends the 7 of October

November/December IDC: 20 of November to the 7 of December with the IE the following 2 days. The MSDT Prep. Course starts the 10 and ends the 14 of December
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Fun Divers

Carl Becker
Gabriel De Leon
James Pooley
Klaus Wurdiuger
Anja Schoilles
Sue Goodman
Yara Tibirica
Jon Wright
Chris Carmichael
Xu Yue
Mark Mcdonald
Michael Thomas
Nicholas Milne
David Ulmer
Suphorna Buaphueng
Charles Sattler
Gerhard Wagner
Servane Tallio
Elliot Marks
Terri Szuliwski
Ying Ying Li
Dino Poelmans Pierre
Danny Vaes
Filip Smet
Donato Tulleneers
Zhang Dan
Yao Qiong
Peter Heimstaedt
Huang Yin Xin
Huang Kun
Xu Jian
Cathy Co

PADI Open Water (OW) Course
Hong Zhi Chao
Zhang Rongning
Li Xu
Yi Geng
Tara Cox
Xi Zhao

PADI Advance Open Water (AOW) Course
Yi Geng
Diarmuid Reaney
Charles Sattler
Mark Mcdonald

PADI Enriched Air Diver (EANX) Course
Diarmuid Reaney