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With a wide variety of marine life and its warm climate, Asia Divers provides a year-round paradise.

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The El Galleon Resort gives guests luxury, relaxation, and convenient access to recreational activities.

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Our PADI diving school is one of two diving programs in the Philippines qualified to teach at all levels of scuba diving from novice to PADI Instructor.

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Asia Divers and El Galleon PADI Diving Resorts in Puerto Galera.

Asia Divers and El Galleon Resorts are located in Puerto Galera on the North East tip of Mindoro. Puerto Galera was originally a fishing community. Then in the 1980s, the Philippines Government discovered just how many species of fish and corals there are here and declared the entire area a Marine Reserve. Once a thriving fishing village, Puerto Galera soon became the premier scuba diving destination in the Philippines.

The Philippine Department of Tourism became involved and convinced the villagers to diversify and to become involved in tourism. Puerto Galera had two big things going in its favour is its beauty and the marine sanctuary.

It was around this time that the El Galleon resort came into existence along with Asia Divers who have been catering for top class vacations ever since. The El Galleon resort is a premier diving resort just a couple of hours South of Manila,where you can enjoy comfortable  accommodation starting as low as $59 a night

The diving here is some of the best in the Philippines and Asia.

PADI Diving in the Philippines

El Galleon Beach Resort is home to Asia Divers, which is a Career Development Center and can teach scuba diving all the way from Bubblemakers for the kids to instructor level courses. Whether you would like to learn to dive or to improve and fine-tune your existing skills, this is the resort for you.

A survey by the Philippine Government found that anyone diving in Puerto Galera is almost certain to come and dive here again.

Scuba diving in Puerto Galera is the best in the Philippines.

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What the scientists have to say about Puerto Galera’s biodiversity!

The Philippines is home to the most biologically diverse waters on Earth and the Verde Island Passage – the narrow body of water separating Luzon and Mindoro islands – is a biodiversity hotspot!

Just recently The California Academy of Sciences co 6nducted an expedition in our area “The 2015 Verde Island Passage Marine Biodiversity Expedition: Puerto Galera. The expedition, the CAS said in a statement, affirms that the Philippines is the "center of the center" of marine biodiversity. "The Philippines is jam-packed with diverse and threatened species – it's one of the most astounding regions of biodiversity on Earth," says Terry Gosliner, PhD, senior curator of Invertebrate Zoology at the CAS and a Principal Investigator of the expedition.

 You can read more about this on the links below:

El Galleon Webcam
任何时间 任何地点 学习水肺潜水 在线教学
Read the latest happenings, events or promos at Asia Divers and El Galleon Dive Resort. Monday Newsletter at Puerto Galera
MondayNews at Puerto Galera

It’s beginning to feel allot like Christmas!

The resort is filling fast so if you’re looking for a place to enjoy your Christmas and New Year and not have to be the one to do all that cooking and cleaning, come and enjoy it with us. We will have a delicious Christmas dinner with lots to choose from, our chocolate fountain and lots of other special goodies. We kick it off with the kid’s party on the 24th when Santa and his helper will come and hand out gifts and then feed around 300 kids. Christmas dinner starts from 6:30pm onwards. Email if you would like to make a reservation.
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Who’s been up to what

Group shot of the Philippine Department or Tourism group at DEMA in Las Vegas. Look closely and you’ll spot Allan, Alli and Rhuby in there. We had a great show, meeting up with our travel agents, old friends, and new friends. Looking forward to seeing more folks from the U.S heading our way so we can show them our amazing place here in Puerto Galera!

Patricia and Jeff enjoyed their PADI Advanced course with Troy.

Wonderful to have a sneaky visit from Jeff Barker recently and just in time to earn a 900 t-shirt!

It’s always nice to catch up with Ray and Karen Hopton in Las Vegas. This time we brought them some pasalubong t-shirts from here.

Congrats to Annete Schultz who who got her 300th t-shirt with Chuck, Troy, Herbert and Mikael cheering her on!

Sam in the sunset by Andy Xie.
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SeaLifeBase: Secret of resilience revealed in Antarctic octopod

Photo by Thomas Lundälv.
At a constant temperature of -1.8°C to 2°C in the Antarctic, ectotherms adapt various strategies to survive near-freezing temperatures. Such a condition may increase the solubility of oxygen but increase blood viscosity, making it difficult to deliver oxygen in tissues [1,2]. But such a dire circumstance does not thwart the Antartic octopod’s survival in freezing waters.
However, this octopod does not only thrive in cold temperatures, evidence suggests that a functional change in its blue-blood pigment ‘haemocyanin' enhances oxygen supply to octopod tissues, notably at higher temperatures. This could mean increased resiliency to warmer climate as global warming advances in the Antarctic Peninsula.

How does an Antartic octopod survive temperature extremes? Researchers analyzed the haemolymph of three octopod species – the Antarctic octopod Pareledone charcoti and the two species residing in warmer climates, Octopus pallidus and Eledone moschata. They found out that P. charcoti has one of the highest concentration of haemolymph recorded for octopods, allowing sufficient oxygen supply. Also, relative to the two other species, oxygen transport via haemocyanin in P. charcoti (76.7% on average) was significantly improved at 10°C compared to 0°C. Such a remarkable feat may allow the Antarctic octopod to thrive in both warm and cold temperatures. Amazing, isn’t it?
To know more about these species and octopods in general, visit SeaLifeBase.

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Liveaboard Rags II has only a few open slots left for this season! January 28 – February 3, 2017 Apo Reef and Northern Busuanga. Perfect combination of world class reef dives and the Kyokuzan Maru WWII wreck! 1425 US $ for five full days of diving with disembarkation at Coron and everything included except equipment (nitrox, food, beer, soft drinks, and all marine sanctuary fees). Eight slots left!

Contact  for details please!
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Asia Divers Instructor Development/iDAP College

Congratulations to OP and Michael in becoming Emergency First Response Instructors! Great work guys!!!! Our last IDC in 2016 has now started and we have 4 participants. 2 IDC candidates, 1 IDC Staff Instructor candidate and 1 auditing. Please, have a look at our Facebook page “IDAP College” for photos and up dates on a more regular basis! 

Up coming IDC’s in 2017:

January  IDC: 9 to 26 of January with the IE the following 2 days and the MSDT Prep. Course from the 29 of January to the 2 of February

March IDC: 9 to 26 of March with the IE the following 2 days and the MSDT Prep. Course from the 29 of March to the 2 of April

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