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With a wide variety of marine life and its warm climate, Asia Divers provides a year-round paradise.

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The El Galleon Resort gives guests luxury, relaxation, and convenient access to recreational activities.

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Our PADI diving school is one of two diving programs in the Philippines qualified to teach at all levels of scuba diving from novice to PADI Instructor.

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Asia Divers and El Galleon PADI Diving Resorts in Puerto Galera.

Asia Divers and El Galleon Resorts are located in Puerto Galera on the North East tip of Mindoro. Puerto Galera was originally a fishing community. Then in the 1980s, the Philippines Government discovered just how many species of fish and corals there are here and declared the entire area a Marine Reserve. Once a thriving fishing village, Puerto Galera soon became the premier scuba diving destination in the Philippines.

The Philippine Department of Tourism became involved and convinced the villagers to diversify and to become involved in tourism. Puerto Galera had two big things going in its favour is its beauty and the marine sanctuary.

It was around this time that the El Galleon resort came into existence along with Asia Divers who have been catering for top class vacations ever since. The El Galleon resort is a premier diving resort just a couple of hours South of Manila,where you can enjoy comfortable  accommodation starting as low as $59 a night

The diving here is some of the best in the Philippines and Asia.

PADI Diving in the Philippines

El Galleon Beach Resort is home to Asia Divers, which is a Career Development Center and can teach scuba diving all the way from Bubblemakers for the kids to instructor level courses. Whether you would like to learn to dive or to improve and fine-tune your existing skills, this is the resort for you.

A survey by the Philippine Government found that anyone diving in Puerto Galera is almost certain to come and dive here again.

Scuba diving in Puerto Galera is the best in the Philippines.

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What the scientists have to say about Puerto Galera’s biodiversity!

The Philippines is home to the most biologically diverse waters on Earth and the Verde Island Passage – the narrow body of water separating Luzon and Mindoro islands – is a biodiversity hotspot!

Just recently The California Academy of Sciences conducted an expedition in our area “The 2015 Verde Island Passage Marine Biodiversity Expedition: Puerto Galera. The expedition, the CAS said in a statement, affirms that the Philippines is the "center of the center" of marine biodiversity. "The Philippines is jam-packed with diverse and threatened species – it's one of the most astounding regions of biodiversity on Earth," says Terry Gosliner, PhD, senior curator of Invertebrate Zoology at the CAS and a Principal Investigator of the expedition.

 You can read more about this on the links below:

El Galleon Webcam
Read the latest happenings, events or promos at Asia Divers and El Galleon Dive Resort. Monday Newsletter at Puerto Galera
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The illustrious Gareth Bowen has praised us with his presence once again this week. After winning quite a few prizes in the Huggy Cup underwater photo competition he has become quite a celebrity around the shop, with lots of other photographers asking his advice, and he always seemed more than willing to help and give away some of his tricks. Below you can see an awesome photo of a Blue Ring Octopus taken just the other day by Gareth

Who's been doing What

Ria Jaro didn’t think that she could become a certified diver because she thought her swimming ability was not strong enough. Well, this little mermaid proved herself wrong and glided though her PADI Open Water course with boyfriend James Richards. Congratulations to the both of you!

Down from Manila for the weekend was Edward Newbound, Caroline Martel, and Hannah Carew-Gibbs who all decided to give scuba diving a try. They all enjoyed the experience and hopefully this is just the beginning… 

Ruben showed Jayli Mae Nuñez her first view of the underwater world by doing a “Discover Scuba” with her. You can see by her smiling face that she really loved it!

The Puerto Galera Hash Club is always something fun and interesting to do on a Saturday afternoon. It gives the boys a chance to show off their frocks sometimes!


This is second blog about interesting sea life that has been sent to us by SeaLifeBase. The is about  “Ocean Giants: Lion’s Mane Jellyfish”  Please see:
You can become a SeaLifeBase collaborator
We get many photographers coming to Asia Divers who take some pretty amazing photos of the marine life in Puerto Galera, We encourage all of you to become a SeaLifeBase Collaborator. Please see below:

 WHAT is a "SeaLifeBase collaborator," and WHO can be one?

In a nutshell, SeaLifeBase collaborators are the people who help us by: a) sending or alerting us to references and photos, which we have not yet used; b) assembling data from published sources using a preformatted template; and/or c) verifying or correcting data that we have extracted and incorporated into the information system.  Some of them are -- but not limited to -- biologists, taxonomists, scientists, and other experts.  Some are aquarists, photographers, businessmen, and marine-life enthusiasts.  Truly, we welcome contributions from anybody who has a passion for marine life.

iDAP College News

Happy smiles from Fernando after passing his Sidemount Diver course with us at Asia Divers

Up coming IDC’s in 2016:

January  IDC: 8 to 25 of January with the IE the following 2 days and the MSDT Prep. Course from the 28 of January to the 1 of February

March IDC: 8 to 25 of March with the IE the following 2 days and the MSDT Prep. Course from the 28 of March to the 1 of February

May IDC: 9 to 26 of May with the IE the following 2 days and the MSDT Prep. Course from the 28 of May to the 1 of June

June/ July IDC: 28 of June to the 15 of July with the IE the following 2 days and the MSDT Prep. Course from the 18 to the 22 of July

September IDC: 13 to the 30 of September with the IE the following 2 days and the MSDT Prep. Course starts the 3 of October and ends the 7 of October

November/December IDC: 20 of November to the 7 of December with the IE the following 2 days. The MSDT Prep. Course starts the 10 and ends the 14 of December 
dive supply

Fun Divers

Agneta Klensmedeb
Ann Dahlberg
Åsa Ostberg
Doris damstrom
Eva Helmerud
Gunilla Friseu
Henrik Jornval
Jakob Foresteir
Johan Ohlberger
Jon Pigon
Kajsa Bohlin            
Lars Hyllienmark
Margareta Lundholar
Mats Blennow
Michael Nekludor
Niklas Eriksson
Nina Eriksson
Ninni Kjellberg
Petra Hyllienmark
Stefan Lundeberg
Sune Hundell
Sven Torqvist
Taina Ylonen
Teresa Pigon
Almut Adam
Audrey de Garidel
Bob Keitel
Cameron Hill
Chen Chao “ERIC”
Chen Jue Cheng
Christoph Hartleib
Dave Sampson
David Garcia
Enrique Subardiaga
Frank Eigeubrod
Gareth Bowen
Gregory Thomas
Herbert Schmidt
Jock Melbeck
John Kviper
Josef Van Royen
Karweng Ng
Liselotte Mohlin
Ma. Brigitta Swanson
Michael Snowden
Mikael Andersson
Patrick Verbert
Peter Barnett
Peter Palmer
Philip Rose
Pia Carlson
Pierre Mohlin
Pieter Verbert
Ralph Mohlin
Robert Swanson
Simon Gray
Sun Ke
Wang Hui
Wilfried Wotke

PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Course
Fanny Lei
Edward Newbound
Caroline Martel
Hannah Carew-Gibbs
Jayli Mae Nuñez

PADI Open Water  (OW) Course
Su Min
Ria Jaro
James Richards

History of how diving started in Puerto Galera

Diving in and around Puerto Galera started back in early 1981 when Brian Homan, an Australian from Maitland NSW, started Capt'n Gregg’s Dive Center on Big Lalaguna Beach in a small space underneath the Hobbit House Bar and Restaurant managed by Ray and Rosita Ramos.

Snake, a fellow Australian, teamed up with Brian around July 1981 and together they started exploring the area, looking for dive sites and wrecks.

The Hobbit House was destroyed by a typhoon on Boxing Day 1981 but luckily, the dive shop being underneath, survived. Most of the hobbits then returned to Manila and Ray and Rosita rebuilt the establishment and called it Rosita's Inn.

The Hobbit House is now a well known music club located in Ermita, Manila where the hobbits are the waiters and they also own and operate the business.

Life on the beach was very basic then with no electricity or phones to communicate with the outside world. The dive shop had only three sets of gear for customers with no BCD's or wet suits and of course there were no dive computers then so all dives were planned on the PADI (U.S. Navy) Tables. They also had a hookah compressor system which they used to take people diving in front of the beach where the coral was pristine.

In 1982 Jim Wilson from Sydney joined in and most of the dive sites in the area were found by the Capt'n Gregg's team including wreck sites such as the WWII Jap Wreck near Markoe Cove in 1981, the Spanish Galleon Nuestra Senora de la Vida on Verde Island in 1982 and a 15th Century Balanghai carrying Ming Dynasty Chinese pottery and porcelain in the Manila Channel in August 1983.

Earlier 1983 Capt'n Gregg's had transferred to Sabang Beach after Brian married a local girl from Sabang and a new dive shop and restaurant was built in Sabang. Notifying the National Museum of the finds and making contact with the director, Father Gabriel Casal, an excavation team was put together consisting of Brian, Snake, Jim and several divers from the Museum's Underwater Archaeology Team.

After many weeks of diving and around the clock security, the cargo was brought to the surface and taken to Manila for treatment and documentation. In the early stages some pieces were stolen by local divers at night before security could be placed on the site. Several pieces and photos are on display in both, the Excavation Museum in the Puerto Galera Church grounds and Capt'n Gregg's restaurant which is still alive today on Sabang Beach. Others are in Brian Homan's Museum at Vasco's Resort in Subic Bay and The National Museum in Manila.

In early 1984 Snake and Jim decided it was time to run a dive center on their own and to break away from Captain Gregg’s, so with mutual understanding, Brian kept the building and the name and Snake and Jim kept the equipment and the boats. Snake and Jim then decided to go back to Big Lalaguna Beach and with a Swiss National and Instructor, WilliTobler, opened Reef Raider's Dive Center next door to Rosita's Inn. One of the early customers of Capt'n Gregg's, a somewhat relaxed English individual by the name of Dave Penman, who was also an Instructor, joined in as a freelancer and became the instruction force behind Reef Raiders.

By 1985 Reef Raiders was well established and dominating the diving in Puerto Galera. It was indeed an outpost at best but it seemed to attract some very special characters, people from the oil industry in particular had heard of Reef Raiders and Puerto Galera and were using it for their time off. It was a special time for this sleepy town, but it was slowly transforming into what it is today.

It attracted people like Sky & Mark (South Sea Divers) , Frank Doyle (Lalaguna Beach Club), and Arnie Isberg. Arnie who came to Puerto Galera way before 1985, was out the back of Puerto Galera panning for gold, then eventually and to the disappointment of some and the pleasures of others, started the first girly bar in Sabang, Sunset Disco. Sky and Mark worked out of their spare bathroom and took people out diving much to the disappointment of the Reef Raiders team as neither one of them were qualified Divemasters.

It was back in late 1985 that Allan Nash arrived on the beach and decided that this was the place to be. After a short time Allan was doing his Divemasters course with Reef Raiders and Sky and Mark from South Sea’s decided to join in. Well with Mark and Sky’s laid back attitude, Allan finished his Divemaster and then Instructors course well before Sky and Mark finished their Divemasters. Nevertheless the lads finished their courses and carried on taking people diving professionally, having met most of them from the now growing nightlife of bars and discos in Sabang.

Yes life was good, easy, almost no responsibility and lots of fun until early March 1987 when a fire broke out in Reef Raiders Dive Center, spreading and taking out the entire center of the beach. It was impressive the way people all joined forces to put the fire out, Jim and the boys running into the burning shop taking out as much gear as they could, trying to save whatever they could, before the fire engulfed the building. All of the artifacts from the Jap Wreck, Verde Island and Manila Channel sites, plates, dragon jars and other treasures all went up in the fire, not to forget one of the best shell collections I have ever seen, Snake the curator was speechless to here about this. The next morning, Jim and Willi were gutted as was Snake, who was in Australia at the time, on receiving the news. Willi simply put his hands in the air and said that’s it I'm out of here but Jim and Snake, on his return, temporarily moved to Small Lalaguna Beach but they never really recovered from the disaster. Snake left in 1988, Jim rebuilt on the original site and became an Instructor in 1989 and sold out to Frank Doyle 1994.

Allan, who had become a part of the Reef Raiders Instructional Team as a freelancer along with Dave, neither one wanting to leave, suggested to Dave, lets start our own dive center and with that Allan took over Willi’s house on Small Lalaguna Beach and Dave moved into a nice nipa hut that looked more like a tree house than anything else.

Fortunately, during the night of the fire, Sky and Mark had rented ten tanks to do a night dive. The equipment saved was some masks, a few damaged regulators, some fins and wetsuits, all with small scorch marks and holes, but after some TLC could be restored and made workable, this was due to the work of Allan and Dave. Within less than a week they had six sets of workable dive equipment, but no compressor so Allan borrowed a thousand dollars off a friend and purchased an old but workable 2.5 cfm compressor, this was the start of Asia Divers! Working out of Allan’s spare room as an equipment room, his kitchen as a classroom and his living room as a bar, the operation was underway.

It was not long after that before Sky and Mark moved from their bathroom and took a spot on the beach at Sabang. Then dive shops started popping up everywhere and now today we have over fifty dive centers between Sabang and White Beach. And its no surprise as the diving here is world class and PADI has dominated the scene since the beginning. For a diver, it has a lot to offer from wrecks to some of the smallest of critters found only here in Puerto Galera.

Resorts and hotels from all levels are found here. El Galleon Resort nestled among the trees to Atlantis and its European white concrete design to Infinity and its exquisite architectural design. Puerto Galera resorts and hotels have everything for you to enjoy a truly wonderful beachfront and diving holiday.