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With a wide variety of marine life and its warm climate, Asia Divers provides a year-round paradise.

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The El Galleon Resort gives guests luxury, relaxation, and convenient access to recreational activities.

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Our PADI diving school is one of two diving programs in the Philippines qualified to teach at all levels of scuba diving from novice to PADI Instructor.

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El Galleon a premier philippine beach resort.

With over ten thousand islands making up the Philippines it isn't surprising that beach resorts are everywhere. Indeed the Philippines has become so popular for beach holidays that tourism now makes up a substantial part of the Philippine budget.

It would be reasonable to ask then why people frequently travel great distances for a beach holiday here and we think there are several great reasons to holiday here.

Firstly, the weather. When we think of tropical islands we all think of sun drenched sandy beaches and palm trees, near gentle water. Almost as if the islands themselves want to promote this image, there is no such thing as a Philippine Winter.

Then there is the question of cost. Isn't there always? Well you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that the Philippines is cheap! OK marketing people will tell you, never say something is cheap, but El Galleon is a 5 Star luxury resort right on the beach and our double/twin rooms start from just $56 US a night. It isn't just rooms that cost less than you might imagine.

Here are a few prices you might expect to pay for things in the small town adjacent to our resort and the rates are converted to US Dollars to help understanding.


A manicure. $2.50

A pedicure $3.00

A haircut (Male) $2.50

A full body massage for 45 minutes around $12

A bottle of San Migel beer in a nightclub- Disco. $1

A very large rum and coke. $1


The average Philippine wage is still under $1 an hour, so you can expect your holiday budget to go a lot further than it would in many countries.


Our Philippine beach resort is famous the world over for it's snorkeling and scuba diving. Indeed the Philippine government realized many years ago what a unique underwater world there is here and declared the entire area round our resort as a Marine Reserve.

Here you will find 60% of all known fish species in the world and more varieties of corral than in the Great Barrier Reef. Indeed we even have the second largest coral reef in the world here.


Safety. With so much of the world in turmoil you should know that the Philippine people are predominantly Christian. Indeed it may surprise you to learn that there are more Roman Catholics in the Philippines than Italy. The Philippine people are noted for their warm and friendly natures.


If you would care to click on the large picture on the top right of this page you will see a short video of what you can expect if you take a Philippine beach holiday at the El Galleon Resort.



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