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You’ll find so much to do in Puerto Galera.

After or before your scuba diving, El Galleon offers: kayaking, sunset cruises, beach hopping, volleyball, golfing, snorkeling, and trekking. Whether it’s a lazy day in the sun, some adventure or a game of golf, we have what you’re looking for.

Scuba Diving

Puerto Galera offers some of the best recreational scuba diving in the world and El Galleon Beach Resort provides the ideal base from which to do it. Our dive center is operated by Asia Divers, a PADI Career Development Center, the largest and most professional scuba diving school in the area.

Qualified scuba divers can enjoy over 30 dive sites and further their scuba certification to all levels. Beginners can take an introduction to SCUBA or full PADI Open Water Diver course - either way, they will be under the expert supervision of our divemasters and dive instructors at all times. Courses are taught with the latest PADI materials and available in several languages.

Why would anyone want to scuba dive anywhere else but with Asia Divers PADI Career Development Center (CDC): the only PADI CDC in the Philippines? Asia Divers was established in 1987 and has since led the way in Puerto Galera and for many years in the Philippines. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) gave Asia Divers it’s very highest rating of CDC. As a CDC Asia Divers offer you the opportunity to make SCUBA diving a lifetime career. If you’re getting started with scuba diving or are looking to become a professional diver, we can get you off to the right start with Asia Divers professional instructors. What makes our dive instructors different? They care about you! The Asia Divers dive instructors have years of teaching and guiding experience in Puerto Galera and are always happy to attend to your every need. They know the dives sites inside and out and will make sure to give you the highest quality training available. If you have any questions about scuba diving as a beginner scuba diver or becoming a professional diver just ask one of the Asia Divers dive instructors at

Sunset Cruises

Are you ready to see some of the best sunsets in the World? Our Sunset Cruise departs El Galleon Beach Resort at around 4-4:30 p.m., with loads of beer and soft drinks. We’ll take a wonderful ride through the Puerto Galera harbor and follow the coastline to White Beach. Then, it’s pizza on the beach or maybe perhaps a beach Bar-B-Que, either way it’s well worth it. If you like playing beach volleyball you’re in for a fun time while the sun sets. Playing beach volleyball, eating pizza, drinking beer - the El Galleon Sunset Cruise a wonderful way to meet people and enjoy the end of another beautiful day. Riding back on board is a great place to watch the stars light up in the sky.

Beach Bar-B-Que

A beach Bar-B-Que is a great way to spend a day with the family. Let us suggest a secluded beach for you and prepare a beach barbeque hamper from our kitchen. The contents of the beach barbeque hamper is up to you: beef, chicken or pork on a stick or a half chicken, prawns or fish, it's really your choice, we can prepare any mouth watering BBQ you may desire. And if that's simply too much to think about, ask our kitchen to put a selection together for you, you won't be disappointed.

Puerto Galera Museum

You’ll find relics from the Spanish colonial era as well as some very interesting relics from a Chinese trader (1600’s or so) that struck a rock at the entrance of the Manila Channel, and then sunk. If you’re in Puerto Galera town it’s well worth stopping by. You can find the Puerto Galera museum inside the church grounds, close to the town pier. If you’re a diver ask about the remains of the Senior Christina Dela Vita on your trip to Verdi Island, one of our premier dive destinations.

Trekking - Tukuran River

Ready for adventure? The Tukuran River tour takes you through rivers, rice fields and viewing some of the very best scenery Puerto Galera has to offer! Leaving the resort at 10:00am and have a scenic jeepney ride along the Mindoro coastline to see the View Point, then the Tamaraw falls, arriving just outside San Teodoro (about halfway to Calapan). From there, we trek a Hanging Bridge, visit the Mangyan Village, and follow the river upstream for about 30 minutes. Our destination is a wondrous set of beautiful rapids and calm pools for swimming and good shade for lunch. There’s a lot of time to explore the area, take photos or just relax and enjoy a genuine tropical island paradise. After that, we hike back to our pick up point for jeepney ride back to Sabang Arrival time 16:00h.

Mangyan Village Tour

The Mangyan people are the indigenous people of Mindoro. Take the Mangyan Village Tour and meet the Mangyan in their almost-original loincloth environment, we would be happy to organize it for you.

Kayaking San Rafael Falls

Looking for a day out and about? Like the idea of a lazy day kayaking and seeing some of the countryside around Puerto Galera? This tour is for you! It starts in the morning around 9 a.m. by Jeepney. You’ll take a drive for one and half hours to a river where you’ll unload the kayaks and start your short one and half hour journey down river to a pickup point. During the kayaking we can, at your request, stop for a Bar-B-Que or pre-packed lunch. On the way to or from the kayaking tour we will stop at Tamaraw falls where you can adore the falls, take a dip or trek your way around the falls. Kayaking San Rafael Falls is a lot of fun!


Ponderosa Golf and Country Club is just an hour from El Galleon Beach Resort. Ask our front desk to book you in on a ride to the mountain area of Ponderosa Golf Course - 450m. above sea level. The Ponderosa Golf Course is a 9-hole golf course that offers one of the most breath taking views anywhere in Puerto Galera. If you don’t play golf then you should still go up to the Ponderosa Golf and Country Club clubhouse for the view over Puerto Galera Bay, the Verde Island Passage all the way to Batangas and Lubang Island. You will always be welcome to get cold drinks and food at the Ponderosa Golf and Country Club clubhouse. Strongly recommended as very good afternoon out.

Trail Biking in Puerto Galera

If you’re feeling fit and need to work off some of that extra energy we can suggest trail biking on mountain bikes. The island of Mindoro is very hilly and you need to know what you’re doing. There are places you can really test your ability and strength when trail biking around Puerto Galera. It’s a good way to see the area.

Motor Biking Puerto Galera

Motor Biking: now we’re talking adventure! The island of Mindoro is very large and you can literally get lost on this big island. There are many trails you can take but be aware some of the local people find it hard to accept motorbikes being driven through their front land and it’s very hard to tell just where their front land is! So try and stay on the roads. There are plenty of dirt roads and we’re more than happy to draw maps and give suggestions on where to go. Whether its beaches or the mountains, we can put you on the right trail.


OK. I know it’s for the kids, but if you have a child like streak left in you, and like excitement and adrenalin rushing through your veins then this may just be what you need. It has been said, paint-ball is something I thought I would never do. But now I have done it, I will be doing it again!

Snorkeling Puerto Galera

If it’s snorkeling you like, you have come to the right place! Puerto Galera’s crystal clear waters offer some of the best snorkeling due to the mangrove areas inside Puerto Galera bay itself. The coral life is one of the main reasons people come to Puerto Galera and you should not leave without seeing them first hand by snorkeling. The currents are one thing you do need to be aware of. Always ask an Instructor or Divemaster about how fast the currents are running, and where you should enter and exit the water when snorkeling. Don’t be put off snorkeling by these currents because there are long periods of the day when there is virtually no current at all. Ask our front desk for assistance when hiring snorkeling equipment.

Hash House Harriers

The Puerto Galera HHH gets together every Saturday afternoon at Captain Gregg’s bar along Sabang Beach. The HASH House Harriers (“HHH”) are a group of runners that like to drink and have fun. It’s a family affair, so they say! And it’s one hell of a way to see Puerto Galera. Some of the runs (or walks) take you to places that as a tourist you would never discover. The run works like this. There is a Hare - that’s someone who sets the run with chalk and paper. The Hares will set two courses, one for the runners, and one for the walkers. So if you’re not up for a run you can walk a course that will be shorter than the runners’ course and end up at the “On” On”. The "On On" is a place that is picked by the Hares and could be any place like, a pub, a scenic clearing in a field, a beach or a hilltop. At the "On On" the Grand Master will call people that are on their first run (walk) to come forward and introduce themselves. Then you will be given an orientation to the HHH!

Puerto Galera Yacht Club

The Puerto Galera Yacht Club (“PGYC”) is located in Muelle Bay, near Puerto Galera town. To get there, take a boat from El Galleon to the town. From there, take the Yacht Club service boat to the PGYC pier, which is two minutes away from the town pier. The Yacht Club offers a secluded and quiet place for people to eat, drink and meet new friends. If you’re looking for the opportunity to sail, you just might be able to, depending on who is available at the time your there. The PGYC has its local regattas so please don’t hesitate to ask the management about the upcoming races and fun events. You can also call the Yacht Club at +63 43 287-3401

Beach Hopping

Want to be alone or, have a few friends along on a quiet beach of your own? You can! Or, do you want to visit some of the other busier beaches around Puerto Galera? Whatever it is, we can arrange a beach hopping boat for you that will stay with you and bring you back to the resort whenever your beach hopping day is done. If a packed lunch or drinks are needed, we can do that too - for the best beach hopping experience!

Eating Out

There are a number of good restaurants in Puerto Galera and Sabang. Please feel free to ask us for guidance when eating out. We will be happy to recommend some excellent restaurants: Thai, Italian, Korean, Swiss, Mexican and many more.