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Normoxic Trimix in the Philippines.


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IANTD Normoxic Trimix Courses with Tech Asia in the Philippines.

IANTD were the first of the big technical diving training agencies to give divers an alternative to the typical technical deep air courses in place through the 90’s. Their Normoxic Trimix course was launched to cover the range between roughly 40 to 60m of depth, where narcosis and other gas difficulties start to manifest themselves, especially in tricky conditions or on task loaded dives.

The IANTD Normoxic Trimix Diver course take four or five days to complete, and is a full technical diving program in all senses. It allows the use of more than one decompression gas as needed and has no restrictions on exposure planned for, such as the bottom time or amount of decompression, other than common sense dive planning factors such as student experience and comfort, and the amount of gas needed to be carried to complete the dive safely.

Like any other IANTD program, the limits that are actually set on Normoxic Trimx relate to things like oxygen, with maximum partial pressure being 1.4ata for diving and 1.6 during decompression.  A maximum depth of 60m, and equivalent narcosis depth not deeper than 36m are in place. Of the four deep training dives at least three have to be made on trimix, and at least one must reach a depth of 54m or greater. Being a Normoxic course – the oxygen you are breathing has to be 20% +/- 1% which takes away the need for travel gases and keeps things safe at maximum course depths.

To enter into this kind of training you need to have at least an IANTD Advanced Nitrox certification or equivalent, and a hundred logged dives are required. To do well at this and really enjoy yourself at this level you need good basic skills, such as very solid buoyancy and good awareness, and enough practice in technical equipment and settings that it’s starting to become second nature and put you in a position to learn new skills and think through the problem solving and emergency drills that are explored during the course. All in all very satisfying to get right and being qualified at this depth range opens the doors to some fantastic new dive sites, not just on our doorstep and in the Philippines, but South East Asia and Pacific wide.  Think South China Sea Wrecks or Truk Lagoon for example…

The Normoxic Trimix course holds a position in the IANTD syllabus that can now point you in all sorts of directions. It’s a good depth range to add DPV skills to your repertoire if you haven’t already, or apply it in Technical Wreck or possibly caves. If you really want to go deep it can lead to, or be packaged up with the fill IANTD Trimix diver too.  More information on any of that can be found here  :  IANTD Trimix Courses in Philippines or of course, just by contacting us.


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Normoxic Trimix diving courses with Tech Asia.