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Technical Diving for the Philippines and Asia

Tech Asia is a division of Asia Divers providing quality courses, training and support for Technical Diving at all levels, from the basics of Nitrox, to full Trimix and more. We additionally support Wreck and Cave diving, both locally and with international expedition level travel.

Training is provided primarily by two IANTD Instructor Trainers, Dave Ross and Sam Collett. Between them they cover IANTD Instructor training up to full Trimix and Technical Wreck. Diver level is to DPV, Gas Blender, Cavern and Rebreather Diver, and the full range of PADI TecRec programs.

Ferg Peoples and Josh Guite present a range of IANTD courses, Ferg including Technical Wreck, Ralph Joerger teaches IANTD and all levels of DSAT in German if needed when he’s not busy running the technical liveaboard Rags II.

Several GUE instructors frequent Tech Asia as a training facility and we have helped organize numerous dive training programs for Gideon Liew, Graham Blackmore, Mario Arena and others. Anders Kristensen is now with us on a permanent basis and can provide Fundamentals courses here at any time.

At Tech Asia we understand that your enjoyment, safety and welfare as a diver will stem very much from the quality of the training that you receive. We focus on making your courses thorough, challenging and tailored to your individual needs and capabilities. You will never be rushed through your education; you’ll receive our fullest attention both during, and after your courses.

Beyond training we can entertain you on a range of outstanding local diving sites that few will ever get to visit, and organize wreck diving trips throughout the Philippines, from the former US Naval Base at Subic Bay, to diving the Japanese Wrecks ranging from Coron Bay, Northern Cebu and the Gulf of Davao.

Internationally we have traveled all over the South China Sea, Java Sea, Sri Lanka, and to Truk Lagoon, Micronesia. Out of the water you’ll find Tech Asia provides excellent support in areas of equipment maintenance, technical advice and in DIR equipment sales.

Safety Guidelines and Policies for Technical Diving

Outside of training activities, diving will be supervised in water (or from surface where deemed appropriate) by qualified Tech Asia staff. Diving will take place at sites appropriate for the experience levels and certifications of the individuals involved. All decompression diving activities will be backed up by dedicated boat cover equipped with surface oxygen, additional decompression gases as required, and fitted with Marine Radio.

We require that all divers plan their dives to comply with the following guidelines:

  • All gas mixes MUST be analyzed, correctly labeled for MOD, signed and dated by the user. Fill station log must be signed.
  • Maximum bottom PO2 will be 1.4 ATA or lower.
  • Maximum Decompression PO2 will be 1.6 ATA or less.
  • All divers must carry sufficient gas to complete their dives within rule of thirds, or as appropriate for the dive plan.
  • On Trimix dives, maximum END will be 40m/130ft.
  • A Divers must be equipped with at least one reel and SMB/liftbag, with two being strongly encouraged. A whistle and flashlight are highly recommended on all dives.
  • Divers must carry back up depth and time information.
  • Tech Asia staff will reserve final judgments on suitability and choice of the dive site.

Accessories and Retail Services

In addition to the equipment in our main Dive Supply Shop, we carry a full range of primary and secondary equipment and relevant accessories to suit diving in the local environment.

Full range of both Halcyon and Apeks products are always in stock, as are full spare parts inventories for these product ranges. We are an Authorised Service Center for Apeks equipment, stockists of A.P.Valves’s SMB’s, and DUI dry suits and accessories.

For accessories we also inventory the following:

  • 22”-7ft LP, 6”-24” HP Hoses
  • Wet suit Pockets
  • Halcyon lighting and valves spares and service kits
  • O2 service gauges and lubricants
  • Stainless steel attachment hardware
  • Scubapro Jetfins and spring straps
  • D-rings & webbing
  • Bungee cord, surgical tubing, cave line etc.
  • Cutting devices
  • Dry Suit seals and cement
  • Common spares for Gavin Scooters

You find everything you need to be able to assemble, maintain or upgrade almost all equipment right here on hand. Any special requirements, given notice, we can generally source for you.


The Dive Centre is the only purpose built technical facility in the area and has been set up to make everything as smooth and easy as possible for your diving. A twenty second walk to the shoreline makes access for training sessions simple, likewise transfer of gear to and from the dive boat which runs right up the beach for loading.

Beyond the Reception and Retail area, the building houses an air conditioned classroom and the main diving and equipment areas. Besides secure storage for all equipment this area houses the blending facility, with air and oxygen banks running through an ANX Automated blending system, and Helium banked and blended alongside.

Here we also have a working area for running repairs on your gear should you need it, and a dry area providing both 110v and 220v outlets for charging your lights and scooters. Extra chargers are on hand to save you weight when travelling. Plenty of dry space for running lap tops for dive planning here too. The outside courtyard is set up to provide solid workbenches for gear set up and large rinse tanks for soaking everything safely after diving. A well stocked library and a place to put your feet up, have a drink, and talk diving complete the picture.