Technical Diving Sites

Dive Conditions

The waters of the Verde Island Passage around Puerto Galera provide rich reward for technical divers. The twenty five or so regular spots visited by recreational divers are matched by at least the same number of dive sites in deeper waters, the vast majority of them within fifteen minutes boat ride of the beach. The diving is predominantly drift diving, although some sites have several hours window without current. Most places are reefs, small wrecks, caverns and stepped deep walls ranging from 45m (150ft. ) to around 85-90m (300ft.). A great number of these deeper reefs give relatively easy access to shallow water for decompression. On others, drifting open water decompression is normal.

Our area is swept by tidal currents keeping water clear and clean, and we have enjoyed a protected status from fishing for many years. The less visited deeper areas are consequently pristine, providing tremendous topography and fascinating marine life.

Diving is customized to your needs and interests. There will be no mixed ability large groups, divers will be given the opportunity to enjoy their diving and develop at a level which is comfortable for them.

Best time to dive? Any time is good. April to June is very reliable weather, calm and very warm both in and out of the water. We always have sites sheltered from prevailing seasonal winds and typically will lose only three or four days diving a year due to rough conditions. Temperatures in water range from about 22c ( 72F) in January and February to 30c ( 86F) from June to about September.