Dive Expeditions

2013 Events and beyond

We’re pleased to be leading several special dive events this year. These expeditions include:

August 28 - September 2, 2013: Exploring the HMAS Perth and USS Houston

June 22-27, 2014: Diving the HMS Hermes

May 29th - June 7th 2015 : Wrecks and Sea Caves of Mindoro Liveaboard

July 5-11, 2015: The Wrecks of Truk Lagoon

Sept 20-27, 2015: The Wrecks of Truk Lagoon

HMS Hermes

June 22 - 27, 2014

The HMS Hermes I was sunk along with HMAS Vampire, HMS Hollyhock and the RFA Athelstane. The attack went down in history as one of the most accurate bombings of a ship ever seen as she was caught without fighter escort by some eighty Japanese aircraft, the majority of which scored hits on the ship. She now lies port side down in 53m of water off shore from Batticoloa. As such, she is genuinely one of a kind, so few aircraft carriers have ever sunk in such shallow water that this fact alone makes her an incredibly unusual wreck.

Schedules and Diving Requirements

A certification of Normoxic Trimix or equivalent would be ideal, and Technical Wreck certainly an asset. The group will be accompanied by one or two Tech Asia staff members ( with extensive experience running trips on the Hermes from 2010 to 2013 ), to advise and guide as required..

Logistics and Arrangements

The access point for the wreck is the eastern Sri Lankan town of Batticoloa. This is six to seven hours drive across the country from the International arrival point in Colombo, and will be made by small a/c coach. Accommodation in Batticoloa will be at the Deep Sea Resort,. On arrival and departure, accommodation if needed, is best arranged in Negombo, close to the airport. Please note that the Batticoloa resorts are basic, simple lodging houses, not International class hotels. Expect the best food to be local style cuisine, again simple and inexpensive.

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Truk Lagoon

July 5 - 11, 2015 - One place still free

Sept 20th -27th, 2015 - Eleven places available

Two liveaboards on the MV Odyssey, aimed at technical or simple nitrox diving on the huge shallow wrecks of the Lagoon. The first week is all but fully booked and the second has been added for the people that missed out..

Trip Overview

Tech Asia has organized another two weeks of diving aboard the Liveaboard Odyssey in Truk ( Chuuk ) Lagoon, Micronesia. This former Japanese WWII supply base was the scene of the American carrier strike, Operation Hailstone, which in February 1944 sank over forty vessels and destroyed countless aircraft in a thirty six hour period. Untouched for decades, and always protected by local laws, this now constitutes by far the largest, and most pristine concentration of shipwrecks anywhere in the world. The dive sites and depth ranges lend themselves equally well to either recreational or technical penetration dives, both of which Odyssey will support during the trip.

Trip Schedule and Itinerary

The charters start on July 5th 2015, and again on Sept 20th, running Sunday to Sunday with seven nights aboard the boat. Travel is best via Manila, with typical schedules having us fly Manila-Guam on the Saturday night, arriving early morning Sunday and spending a day in Guam before flying on to Chuuk that evening to board the boat. Up to five dives a day, including night dives, are available Monday to Saturday, with Saturday afternoon or evening seeing a return to port. Divers disembark Sunday morning and generally fly late night to Guam to make their onward connections.

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The Wrecks of HMAS Perth and USS Houston

August 28 - September 2, 2013

Trip Overview

The wrecks of the HMAS Perth and USS Houston, two heavy cruisers sunk in the Battle Of The Java Sea, are occasionally touched by recreational charters but have received much less technical diving attention in recent years due to lack of local operations able to support it. In 2009 though 2012 we chartered the liveaboard MB Cecelia Ann and made arrangements to outfit her with double tanks and a gas blending capability. The trips were a great success and we are now chartering the boat for a repeat in late August 2013. In only moderate depths, very reminiscent of the classic wreck USS New York in Subic for example, these large warships, particularly the HMAS Perth, offer some fantastic diving opportunities, with many original artifacts still visible around the wrecks.

Trip Schedule and Itinerary

Two trips of three days each will be run, with divers having the option to remain on board and do both trips if they wish.

  • • August 27th - Afternoon/early evening, group transfers Jakarta to Anye to board the boat and sail that night.
  • • August 28th – 30th – Diving HMAS Perth and USS Houston.
  • • August 30th - evening, the boat returns to Anyer or Merak, first group departs for Jakarta and second group boards. Sail late that night.
  • • August 31st - 2nd - Diving HMAS Perth and USS Houston.
  • • September 2nd - late afternoon return to port and transfer to Jakarta.

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