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Tech Asia has a long history of hosting GUE Programs. Dating back to 2003 when Andrew Georgitsis, then Training Director, presented a Tech 1 course here, and Martin Lorenzo was our regular Fundamentals Instructor.

Currently Anders Kristensen fills that niche, making Fundamentals courses a straightforward thing to set up, and GUE Primers, Drysuit and Doubles programs readily available.. With the support of both Gideon Liew and Graham Blackmore, who run Tech 1 and Tech 2 and DPV classes here, we have been accepted as a GUE Facility, one of only three in the region, and are invoking environmental projects as required by GUE to support that status. Diver involvement in these projects would be welcome and more information will follow soon.

Details of the Fundamentals programs are below, but for the Technical classes it is best you contact us for current information, since course content, and fine details of pricing may vary depending where the instructor is traveling from.

GUE Fundamentals

Price: $700

Duration: 3-4 Days including a minimum of 20 hours of instruction in classroom and in water.


The GUE Fundamentals course is designed to cultivate the essential techniques required by all sound diving practice, irrespective of level or environment. Functioning as a prerequisite for all other GUE classes, GUE-F performs a two fold purpose within the GUE curriculum. 1) It provides the recreational diver, with no desire for further diver training, with a context with which to advance his/her basic diving skills, thereby developing more comfort, confidence and competence in the water, and 2) it provides the diver with aspirations of more advanced diver training with the tools that will contribute to a greater likelihood of success.


  • • Must meet GUE General Course prerequisites as outlined in the GUE Standards and Guidelines
  • • Minimum 16 years of age
  • • Certified Open Water Diver from a recognized training agency.
  • • Must be able to swim 15m on a breathold and swim 275m in 14 minutes without stopping.

Course Limits

  • • General training limits as in the GUE Standards (see above)
  • • Max Depth 18m/60ft.
  • • No decompression, no overhead environment.

Course Content

GUE-F is conducted over a 3-4 day period. Combining lecture and in water sessions this course focuses on cultivating the foundational skills required by all diving practice. It is focused on increasing fun by reducing stress and increasing diver proficiency through proper control of buoyancy, trim, propulsion, teamwork, and other GUE principles. Minimum of eight hours of academics and 6 in-water sessions.


Doing it Right : The Fundamentals of Better Diving. Jarrod Jablonski, GUE 2001, High Springs, Florida

Equipment Requirements

  • • See GUE Standards as above
  • • Global Underwater Explorers - for more information, please also visit

Course Costs

Course excludes Registration fees as per GUE website, Facility Fee covering tank rentals and gases etc ( $75 ) and boats if required