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Scooter Diving

Diver Propulsion Vehicles

DPVs (or scooters, that is) were developed mainly for long range cave dives, out of necessity, due to the distances explorers were needing to cover.

The usefulness though, extends far beyond the realm of the cave. Scooters have actually added to the open water diving experiences to be found around Puerto Galera way beyond the expectations of most divers. Testimony to that are the fleet of state of the art Suex DPV's parked in Tech Asia's reception area.

Their application on some of the bigger shipwrecks that we visit, scattered around the Philippines and South East Asia is obvious. How else are you effectively going to tour a 200m long shipwreck at depth. But in Puerto Galera itself they can vastly enhance many of our dives. Some of our deep dives are close enough to shore that a swimmer can move back up the wall or reef and decompress in some spectacular shallow areas, but given a DPV that pleasure extends to almost every dive site we have

At depth too, they’re great exploratory and “save a dive” tool. Sometimes because of current, or an unforseen slow descent for example, you may find yourself maybe 50-100m from what you know to be the best part of a dive site. A swim like that at depth can be hard, but all it takes is a minute on the trigger and you are there. Given the advantage in both fun, and safety, it’s hard to find a reason for not using a scooter every dive…

Suex XJ 14 and XJ 37 Scooters can be rented at $45.00 per dive to those qualified or experienced in their use. Training options can range from a 4-5 hour orientation including a single dive, or formal training with certification as a PADI DPV Diver , or aimed at more technical use, TDI DPV Diver. The PADI course stays within recreational realms, whereas the TDI can present material at the technical level that the diver is qualified to, and covers all aspects of use including gas sharing protocols, towing failed scooters, handling emergencies, communications issues and so forth.

Training Options

1. Scooter Orientation – Four Hours – One Dive. Cost $75.00 Plus DPV rental $45.00

The course will orient divers to the use of DPV’s for both recreational and technical diving and provides a good introduction for new owners or people with access to DPV’s. This is the minimum degree of training required to rent and use a DPV under our direct supervision.

We will include an overview of set up, pre dive checks, effective diving, emergency management and maintenance, plus one confined water/shallow skills dive.

Cost includes tanks, weights and fills, BCD and regulator as required and any local boat charters. Does not include rental of students scooter.

2. PADI DPV Diving Specialty Course – Two Days – Two Dives. Cost $365.00 plus Scooter Rental ($90.00) as required.

During this certification course you will cover the techniques you need for safe scooter diving and operation, proper planning, dive techniques, managing problems and how to avoid harming the environment.

Divers must be 18 years of age, qualified as Open Water Divers or above. Junior Open Water Divers 12 years and above may participate with consent of the parent or guardian.

The course will include confined water sessions as required and two open water dives within the level of the divers certification. Dive One may be credited towards Adventure Diver or the Advanced Open Water Program.

Cost includes tanks, weights and fills, BCD and regulator as required, any local boat charters, and certification fees. Does not include rental of students DPV.

3. TDI DPV DIVER COURSEI – Two to Three days – Two options. Cost $365-$495.00 plus DPV rental ($90-180.00) and helium as required.

Trains the student in all aspects of Diver Propulsion Vehicle use including; Preparation, Dive Planning, Operation and Diving considerations, Emergency Management and Maintenance. Training will focus on the use of Suex DPVs but also overview X- Scooters, Gavins and others.

The course includes two dives not exceeding 40m in depth dives. Skills are introduced shallow and progressed into the dives, covering entries and exits, descent/ascent techniques, body positioning with DPV’s, gas sharing, communication and team skills etc. In it's basic form the course takes two days. As an option we can extend it to three days adding extra dives at the level of technical diving the student is already certified to, exploring and orienting the diver to more complex skills such as dealing with malfunctioning DPV's, towing divers whilst gas sharing and so on. For anybody intending to use DPV's on Technical Dives this additional practice is invaluable.

Cost includes certification fee, tanks, weights and air/nitrox fills, BCD and regulator as required, any local boat charters, and certification fees. Does not include rental of students DPV or helium if used.

Scooter Diving Rental Fees $45.00 per dive